Monday, April 26, 2010

"Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is."

We had finished another deadline and weren't ready to start the next one. Meaning all of sat around texting, eating band cookies, and talking about nothing. Personally I didn't mind. Yearbook wasn't exactly a breeze so doing nothing was quite all right with me.

But Ms. A knew that this wouldn't cut it. A yearbook staff always needed to be working or the book wouldn't be made. She decided that a contest would be the perfect way to fill the idle time. Hopefully we would gain some skill, get a great photo, and maybe even win. But if not atleast be out of everybodies hair.

The contest was to take a photo and create a caption, that wouldn't bore you to tears, and also re-write a caption from a previous yearbook. Me & Kristine decided to work together as we were ready to kick some butt. We took the camera and we were off.

We brainstormed random ideas of kids running down the hall and other things. But the photo that we end up using just happened. We went to Mr. Hill asking to borrow a student and a note pad. We had our victim. While walking to the cafeteria we saw the perfect spot. After the first double doors which led to the vending machines, but before the second double doors to the new cafeteria. There lay our ideal picture spot.

Next to the vending machine where the mirror had been before, was a sort of cabinet, perfect for sitting. Our student happily sat down when we noticed it. The side of the Vitamin Water vending machine. It was a poster of every single Vitamin Water in rainbow order. In the mood to win, Kristine got down on her knees and took photos from every angle. We kept laughing as Kristine wasn't usually this professional.

But in the end it was worth it as we won. We were both incredibly happy and we had worked hard. It was a good moment for both of us, as it meant we were good enough to be staffers. And we deserved to be there.

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  1. You're right winning isn't everything although i'm glad it came together for you guys! Btw I love the spontaneous dialogue in this blog.