Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Every Batman needs a Robin."

During the next semester, Ms. A decided that it was times to switch partners. That the people who worked the best teamed up together and the slackers did the same. She split up partners and paired them with someone else. Meaning me and Kristine would no longer be partners.

I was then paired with Alejandra, who for weeks I could have sworn her name was Alex. To this day everyone still calls her Alex, but when you look at her name that wouldn't make sense. There is no x in her name, hence no Alex. After some time I realized her nick name was Ale. And of course every single time I say it, I sound like a dork.

Ms. A had made it pretty clear which person was the slacker and which person was the well...not slacker. Ale told me she was not a good writer and unless forced to write couldn't. So we decided I would write and she would take photos. We soon realized her photo taking skills weren't the best. So in the end we both wrote and took photos. Her excuse "the camera doesn't like me." And while I helped her write sometimes, she wrote almost as much as I did.

How to explain Ale? She's a really good person but she's very to the point. She will say when she's mad at you and if she thinks you are being a b*tch. But she will laugh for hours about just one thing you say. She's kind of crazy and doesn't like to work a lot. But when she does it's always good. She just needs a kick in the right direction.

Basically our days consist of taking the longest route possible, laughing so hard we can't breathe, and then interviewing the person. She likes to tell me how embarassing I am when she's just as embarassing. Singing at the top of her lungs in the hallway, telling me about her ridiculous weekend, and explaining why her hair is like an Inca's.

For someone who tells me "You're hilarious!" and "I missed you." she sure has an odd way of showing it. In her most recent blog post she wrote "...even though she can be mean sometimes." In reality she is definitely the mean partner. (It should be noted she isn't the evil 'I hate you' mean. It's the 'kid who steals your crayons but we are still friends' mean.) While I do steal her french fries everyday and hunt her down until I make her do work, I'm not mean. I just make sure every things gets done because that's how I like it.

Regardless of our fake hate she is a really good friend. While I was upset Ms. A switched our teams, I'm happy I became friends with Ale. She listens because she want's and not because she has to (because she does HAVE to :), she is exactly what a friend should be, and my year wouldn't have been the same without her. <--- Ignore the cheesy-ness. To Inca hair, the purple car, and french fries. By the way I am Batman. You are Robin.

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  1. Your friendship is admirable, i'm glad I got a chance to work beside the both of you!